Blue Nose Pitbulls




Today Im going to give you some information about Blue Nose Pit bulls.

There is no such thing ,there are Blue pitbulls.. Not Blue Nose Pitbulls. Yes These dogs do have Blue Noses But the correct term is the Blue Pitbull. Blue is the what the color of the color of the dog is. When you register a dog with any registration you have to state what color the dog is whether its black, red, or brindle ect..

A Blue pitbull puppy

Blue nose pitbull puppy

If we use the term Blue Nose on this site it is only used for a keyword term so you can find us.

The Blue pitbull is the same as every other pitbull just a different color.  There are many styles of the American Pitbull terrier and many color variations.   Some people think that the Blue pitbull is better than any other pitbull but that is not true. We think the color is very pretty and unique but under the blue skin there sill the same dog.

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