Pocket pitbulls

Pocket bully

Ester the pocket freak


A pocket style pitbull is a version of the American bully. The American bully has different standards and the pocket class is one of them. It is basically is a more compact style dog short smaller dog. But still has substance.

Here is the Abkc’s standard of the pocket  American bully.

This is an amendment to the basic standard which a Pocket Bully is determined by its adult height. Males under 17″ at the withers. Females under 16″ at the withers.

Pocket Bully variety is simply shorter than the Standard American Bully. Aside from this difference, the Pocket Bully variety exhibits the same breed type and follows the same standard as the Standard American Bully.

Here at steelhead pits we have a few dogs that fit in the pocket class. Here we will show you some pictures of the pocket pitbulls.

pocket pitbull

This is Paco not owned by Steelhead pits



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