What is an exotic bully?

What is an Exotic bully???


Who the fuck knows?!!!???  Seriously though the exotic bully is a cool looking dog that has no standard at all. I am not one to bash another man/woman’s program but if you are breeding for profit at the dogs expense please look at your morals or the person that is selling you a dog morals. If the dog cannot walk or even stand properly please do not breed that dog, we all want a dog that can at least jog.

I’ve been to many shows and many different breed events and our breed of the bullies is definitely the most fucked up. I don’t care what show you go to you will see more than one bully that has definite health problem and will not live a full life. To keep them safe you can use this top rated bike locks new in your yard.


The Exotic bully started in about 2008, as a fad and now it has taken off almost to its own breed. It resembles a bulldog/shortybull /American bully mixture but no one really knows and if they do I’m sure they won’t tell you. These dogs tend to be deformed in most cases, it is called dwarfism. Here is some info from pet md

Symptoms and Types


  • Larger than normal head
  • Undershot jaw with shorter nose
  • Crooked teeth due to shorter jaw
  • Abnormal bone shape
  • Poor growth or lack of growth
  • Bones appear shorter than normal
  • Enlarged joints
  • Sideways bowing of forelimbs – front legs are more likely affected
  • Spinal deviation to either side of the body




Osteochondrodysplasia is an autosomal dominant genetic disorder, meaning that it can be passed along by either gender and only one parent need carry the gene for an offspring to be potentially affected.

Here is the link for the rest of the information.



Im not saying all exotics are dwarfs but most of the ones ive seen in person are or have some serious traits.

What is an exotic bullyexoticbully



If you are interested in exotic bullies do a little homework on this designer breed of pitbull {lol} , Ask some questions. The number one questions I would ask an exotic bully breeder is..

#1 what is an exotic bully? Is it a mix breed? Is it a type of American bully? Is it a dwarf? Ive asked many exotic breeders what is a exotic bully and they just ignore the question, they tell me it a bully ass dog.

I’m not here to start a problem or knock another man’s hustle I’m just tired of seeing people get burned by overnight breeders.

#2 Do you give a health guarantee? I promise you that you will pay a lot of money for your exotic bull and I’m sure you want it to live a while so ask them if they stand by the health of their dog.

I’m not here to start a problem or knock another man’s hustle I’m just tired of seeing people get burned by overnight breeders and have our dogs suffer in the mean time.  I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this style of dog and I figure I would address it .

If anyone has a question problem please give me a call email or text




Here at Steelhead we do breed a few different varieties of bullies/ pits but they all are healthy and come with a health guarantees.

We are not a fad breeder we have had the same style dogs for 12 years and will for the next 12.

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