PR Steelheads Gizzy Mo

Produced by – Razor edge/Clp Short Shot & PR Steelheads Roxanne


Gizzy was produced at Steelheadpits in 2007. She is one of those dogs you just love to watch run and play.If her ripped up muscles don’t get you then her personality will. In June 2008 Gizzy achieved her AKC Canine Good Citizen award witch we are very proud of. Watch out for her future in every activity we participate in. Steelheads Gizzy’s sire is Razors edge bloodline Royalty the infamous Razors edge Short Shot. He is a dog that produced foundation for kennels throughout the world and we had the privilage to have his last breeding.Razors edge Short Shot is in many prominet dogs pedigree. We plan on passing his genetic greatness down are lines with other great dogs we produce to bring you the best dogs you could possibly create.

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