Pitbull Puppies for sale

Please read before you continue.

This is the page that represents the future of are beloved breed. We take PRIDE in our dogs and we are proud to own this breed. So we expect the same from anyone who wants to own one of our dogs, not only one of our dogs but any American Pit Bull terrier. When owning this breed it comes with more than owning just any other dog. They come with stereo types, breed bans, other idiots trying to make the American Pit bull terrier the most feared dog in the world  by being irresponsible owners. When they are truley Americas breed.

So make sure you are ready to own this wonderful breed and take the great with the bad.

Make sure your,mom,wife,landlord, or whoever is ok with having a dog  it will save you and the dog a lot of hassle.

Make sure you have time for your dog because there is nothing we hate more than a untrained dog and a claim that you dont have time for the dog, DONT GET A DOG!

Socialize your puppy!

If you know you have what it takes to be a great dog owner and breed representive you may proceed to the best bully style pitbulls in the world.



Travis  262-456-6572 steelheadpits@hotmail.com

This little young pocket bully has super potential to be a awesome stud.  His parents have been selectively bred to be extra short with a whole lot of muscle for generations. This pups father is Mini moose and his blood consists of the Toadline blood which is selectively bred gotti line to produce short freakish dogs created by North county gotti line. His mother is a line bred Steelhead dog , doubling up on Meaty the most compact muscled up bull we have produce.  With this combination of dogs this pup is set up to be a Superior pocket bull.

extreme pocket pitbull puppies